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Security Alarm Systems

No credit check , no long term contract , you own the equipment. Monitoring agreement is required

and a local permit fee may be required. Monitoring as low as $24.99

The System Includes: Door Contacts | Motion Detector | Electronic Keypad | Interior Siren | Master Control

Panel | Power Supply | Backup Battery | Yard Sign | Window Decals

Security Camera Systems & CCTV's

When you monitor your home or business with closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance, it's like having an entire television network devoted to the safety of your home or business, will capture the intruders on a digital video recorder helps deter criminals. Find out what we are capable of, Click Here for a LIVE DEMO!

Recertified & New Desktop & Laptops

-Power Supply

-Intel & AMD Mother Board

-CPU Speeds P3's to P4's & Duo Core

-Memory from 256 mb to 2 gig

-Hard Drive from from 40 gig to 500 gig

-Optical Drives CDRW / DVD Drive to DVD RW

-Network Card

-Fax / Modem

-Sound Card

-PS/2 Mouse

-PS/2 Key Board

-Monitor Flat Panel and CRT's

-Operating Systems ( Windows )

-Software ( Virus Software , Firewall Software , Updates , & Plugins , Word Processor , Spread Sheet ,

Data Base , Email Software , etc. )

-Laptops all brands available (Dell, IBM, Gateway, etc.)

Structural Cable - What is it and why?

-Structured wiring is an organized arrangement of high quality cables and connections that distribute services

throughout the home or business.

-It is the technological foundation of any modern business or home's infrastructure. It helps to provide reliable

voice, video, and data communications for hundreds of applications and more.

-Structured Cabling Systems, professionally designed and implemented, not only support existing infrastructure

and devices, but also have the capacity to grow with new technologies and demands.

The Advantages of Structural Cabling Systems:

-Computer, printer, phone, security camera, etc. can function through the same cabling system.

-Standardizing hardware and software will lower total cost of ownership.

-It will pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.

-Supports Internet, intranet, video conferencing, IP, phone etc.

-Easy expansion and upgradeability. A simple change and you can move any data point or phone line to any

room or location. No costly re-cabling.

-Malfunctions can quickly be identified and repaired.

-After installation, day-to-day management is easy and usually doesn’t require costly service calls.

-It organizes cables for easy access and decorative appearance through the Patch Panel and Cabinet System


-Homes or buildings with Structured Wiring have a higher resale value.

GPS's with MP3 and Photo Viewing

-Touch screen display

-Preloaded maps of 50 U.S. states (in GB SD™ card)

-Some with Bonus face plates

-Built-in speaker

-Millions of points of interest

-Address books

-Turn by Turn voice prompts

-MP3 playing & JPEG photos viewing

-Some with 2D or 3D map viewing modes

-Some with Day and night modes

-Some with interchangeable face plates

-Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Cellular Service and Wireless Air Cards

Prepaid or Contract

-Text Messages

-Picture Mail

-Voice Mail


-Surf The Internet

-Prepaid Plans

-Video , Games & Music


-GPS Service available on some phones

-Many Phones , Air Cards and Plans to choose from

Portable Digital Audio & Video Players

-MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, SMV, AVI, VOB, file formats

-TFT display for music and playback information

-Built-in FM tuners with FM recording; integrated voice recorder

-DRM 9 compatible

-Playlist function support

-Some with upgradable to future formats and features

-Photo browse function

-Some with equalizer settings

-Hours of continuous playback when battery is fully charged

-Some Includes earphones, USB extension cable and line-in cable & software

Phone Systems

Auto Attendant, Paging, Caller ID, Inbound Caller ID Lookup, Outbound Caller ID Blocking, Call waiting, Call

forward, Call forward on ring-no answer, Call logs, Calling restrictions, Configurable 7 Digit Dialing,

Find me/follow me, Bandwidth Saver, Last call re-dial, Blast Groups, Simultaneous ringing, SMS voice mail

notification, Speed dialing, Three way calling, 911 and 411, QoS functionality, Network Unavailability, Web based

account management, Extension Dialing, Conferencing, Voicemail, Voice mail-multiple boxes, Voice mail to

e-mail, Local Number Porting, Choose Your Area Code, Incoming DIDs, Easily Transfer Calls

Data & Voice

-Phone Jacks Install (for voice)

-Data Jacks Install ( for internet )

Access Control

Control who can come in and out of you business or home with the push of a button or program a time use a

ID card or pin code to allow them to enter etc

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